“My wife Sophie and I owe our beautiful home to Mark. In our wildest dreams we couldn’t have imagined anything more spectacular. He captured perfectly what we wanted in a home. He is a brilliant designer and a wonderful human being. To say we are pleased would be an understatement.

And well beyond the initial installation of his fabulous interior design, Mark continues to service our needs whenever we need him. He is always there for us.” 

– Bruce Nash

“When my husband and I began our project which is on the beach we interviewed several interior designers in an attempt to find “the right one”. Not only was Mark right for our project he was perfect! What appealed to us about Mark is that every home he designs does not have a Mark Cutler signature look but rather he worked diligently with us to give us the look and feel we wanted for our home. He designs with the client’s unique tastes and helped us to put together a home that is warm, beautiful, elegant and one that people feel welcome to enter. He listened to what we wanted and made recommendations to bring to life our dream home, not his. In addition to being an incredibly talented designer Mark has also been trained as an architect. His forward vision and keen eye really helped us not only with the interiors but he actually was instrumental in working with our architect and contractor and was a perfect compliment to our wonderful team. In addition to being as talented as he is Mark is easy to get along with, he is low key and enjoyable to work with. I recommend him wholeheartedly!!!!!” 

– mprager via Houzz

“Mark Cutler has designed and decorated two homes for us. Both are exquisite and we have enjoyed them and continue to enjoy our current home. The first was in Beverly Hills, CA and our current home is in Woodside, CA. Both projects were extensive, involved tearing down entire structures and building brand new (additional foundation work and retaining walls involved). Working with Mark in this manner allowed everything to evolve seamlessly. He worked in a team with our landscape architect and builder from the start and communication between all parties involved was easy. Mark had floor plans and furniture plans done before the house was even framed so that we were able to work with Mark and his team on all our furniture (we re-upholstered and custom built anything that we were unable to find or owned to fit our needs and desires). The furniture plans showed where all our pieces would go so the electrical plans were customized to maximize aesthetics and utility. Mark has a great ability to understand our sense of individual style so he was fairly good at having an idea as to what we might like or not like. The organization of such a project is very important. With Mark and his team, it was not an issue. Our experience was fabulous and we will work with Mark again soon. We would recommend Mark Cutler highly!”

– aljzlife via Houzz

“Mark, Is a terrific designer and a wonderful collaborator. In a proffession that has a few too many members who think that great design excuses bad behaviour, Mark is an absolute delight to work with, his wonderful sense of humor always helps to diffuse stressful situations, making the construction process far more enjoyable.” 

– Taconic Builders

“Mark has been a pleasure to work with. He’s very funny, makes quick decisions and is such a great designer. He’s saved us numerous times when we were stuck. Given his architectural background, he adds value beyond the typical designer. We are very happy to have worked with him.” 

– Nick Papa

“I have know Mark for 12 years, initially through his support of my showroom where we sell high-quality handmade rugs. First of all, Mark’s loyalty has been first rate. When Mark comes in with his clients he is always a very good listener to his clients and to me as his vendor and he is, in turn, an excellent communicator so we three parties feel more directed and at ease. What I have noticed too is that when you look at Mark’s portfolio; I think, more than most designers, Mark does not have a signature look. He feels his primary roll is to create houses that truly reflect his clients’ wishes but are elevated with Mark’s extensive knowledge of interior design, architecture and landscape design.” 

– Charles Baker

“I love Mark’s vision and philosophy to design. He beautifully incorporates my concerns and needs into an outstanding tasteful design. By far of the best.”

– miritneman via Houzz

“Mark is an amazing designer. He is a pleasure to work with and gets the job done in a timely and professional manner. He has exquisite taste and is fun to be around. He works well with everyone from general contractors to fabric suppliers. We love our home and wouldn’t consider using anyone else as we begin designing our second home.” 

– Gilena Simons